Specialists In The Global Sourcing And Distribution Of Physical Commodities, With A Focus On Cobalt Metal. 

A Proven Track Record for over 20 Years

Since 2003 Earth Metals has established a proven track record in the global sourcing and distribution of physical commodities. Our principle product focus is Cobalt metal and intermediates. Our product coverage also includes base and minor metals in addition to mining consumables.

The activities of our customers span the full production cycle: From mining and refining, to the production of steels, super alloys and specialty chemicals.  In addition to supplying metals and alloys, our experienced team also provides solutions for marketing, distribution, logistics, consulting, recycling, project advisory and market intelligence. Our geographic reach includes Africa and Asia.

Earth Metals is based in New York and is a member of the Minor Metals Trade Association.


Cobalt Specialty

Cobalt is the core focus of Earth Metals. Earth Metals has extensive experience in the trading, distributing and offtake of physical Cobalt in various forms.  We also provide valuable market intelligence to our customers.


As a complement to our Cobalt business, Earth Metals also markets and supplies various minor and base metals to the foundries, superalloy, specialty chemical and specialty steel manufacturers. 


Earth Metals provides procurement solutions for mining consumables, primarily in the Southern Africa region.


In an effort to promote sustainability, Earth Metals provides solutions for environmentally compliant disposal and value creation of industrial byproducts.


Earth Metals has the logistics expertise that is essential for the timely and compliant delivery of physical commodities

Specialists In The Sourcing And Distribution Of Physical Commodities, With A Focus On Cobalt Metals And Intermediates.

New York, NY U.S.A.

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